Test Automation

Test Automation Software Design and Development Custom Web/Desktop based Automation software development which can ease customers automation testing approach. Designing and Developing custom test automation framework & utilities.

The biggest advantage of using Selenium is that it allows you to use the scripting language of your choice thus attracting a large following. A test automation online course and good analytical skills are the best friends of a quality analyst. Software testing automation has long been recognized for its potential to improve testing capacity by reducing redundant, manual operations while maximizing test accuracy.

Testing operations by selecting the right tools to automate:

  • Functional/regression/configuration testing
  • Security testing
  • Data migration/conversion testing
  • API, unit testing
  • Performance/load/stress testing

Benefits Of Automation Testing:

  • Reduction of repetitive work.
  • Repeatability.
  • Greater consistency.
  • Ease of access of information.
  • Faster time-to-market with shortened test lead times
  • Reduction in testing costs
  • Greater testing capacity
  • Consistency across test runs and live quality monitoring

Automated Testing Process

  • Tool implementation
  • Dashboard/Report customization
  • Integrate with automation tools
  • Test Automation Feasibility Analysis.
  • Appropriate Tool Selection.
  • Evaluate the suitable framework.
  • Build the Proof of Concept.
  • Develop Automation Framework,Test Script, Execute and Analyze.

Web Application Testing Using Selenium

Testing your Web applications is essential to ensuring a flawless user experience. With constant changes being made to your Website and applications, and the number of supported browsers always increasing, it’s important to have an effective and efficient test automation solution that enables rapid isolation of bugs and ongoing testing to ensure exceptional performance.


  • Greater testing capacity
  • Reduction in testing costs
  • Consistency across test runs and live quality monitoring
  • Faster time-to-market with shortened test lead times
  • Increased flexibility and transparency
  • Greater cost-efficiency and accelerated timelines in product implementation
  • Proper industry-related testing frameworks saves the time for adoption
  • Shorter test cycles and streamlined time-to-market
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