RDBMS is sufficient to store and manipulate all the structured data efficiently but in today’s world the velocity and nature of data used/generated over the Internet is growing exponentially. As we can often see in areas like social media, the data used has no specific structure boundary. This makes unavoidable the need to handle unstructured data which is non-relational and schema-less in nature. For RDBMS it becomes a real challenge to provide the cost effective and fast Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operation as it has to deal with the overhead of joins and maintaining relationships amongst various data.

Pure Play Embedded Database

The OpenEdge RDBMS is an established, reliable database management system for production systems world-wide, known for its scalability and ease of management. Key benefits include:

  • Easy to manage: Consolidate datacenter management functions as your business grows.
  • Productive: Raise productivity with the highly efficient OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (ABL) and the highly effective OpenEdge SQL as they create and report online transaction processing results.
  • Cost effective: Reduce capital and administrative expenses with a database that runs on laptops, desktops and production servers.
  • Scalable: OpenEdge applications can scale up to thousands of users and multi-terabyte databases.
  • Easy to administer: OpenEdge production systems’ ease of automation and administration allow your database team to focus on service for the business users.

Use of experience in developing RDBMS: Another obvious advantage is that .the extended relational approach preserves the significant body of knowledge and experience that has gone into developing relational applications. This is a significant advantage, as many organizations would find it prohibitively expensive to change. If the new functionality is designed appropriately, this approach should allow organizations to take advantage of the new extensions in an evolutionary way without losing the benefits of current database features and functions.

Key Capabilities

  • Stores data in compact forms, offering savings in disk and memory use
  • Offers support for unicode data and index keys (1970 byte)
  • Supports 32-bit systems and 64-bit addressable systems as well
  • Compatible ODBC, JDBC, and ABL access to data
  • Java stored procedures supported by OpenEdge SQL
  • Large file support for 64-bit file addressing (requires OS enablement)
  • Support for 1,000 files per database storage area
  • Support for 32,000 storage areas per database
  • Support for 32,000 concurrent users
  • Support for tables of up to 9 quintillion rows
  • Databases can grow to 5 exabytes & Support for up to 1 terabyte of memory
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