Project Description

Parts-in-Place helps you manage your electronic BOMs and inventory.
Parts-in-Place runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. This means that the servers where your data is stored are owned and supported by Amazon, and are physically located in Amazon’s data center in the United States.
Here is the workflow that Parts-in-Place is aiming to facilitate. The system has been built assuming your product manufacturing business process is similar to the following:

  • Receiving a new BOM from an engineer in MS Excel format.
  • Verifying the new BOM against the parts library.
  • Planning a new build. Identifying which components need to be ordered.
  • Ordering the required parts.
  • Receiving the ordered parts.
  • Transferring the required components from your office storage to your Contract Manufacturer (CM).
  • Inventory report

This project was developed in Java with using Vaadin Framework .