Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is the improvement of system performance.
Performance – A Non-Functional but Mandatory Requirement of every SharePoint Implementation. It Directly Impacts on End Users, Resource Utilization plans and cost. You need Performance of the applications at every instance so, it is applicable and Required to be tuned up Regularly.

Today’s web and enterprise applications usually involve countless users simultaneously working with various user interfaces, computing environments and protocols. This can lead to reliability and scalability issues along with a dent in performance owing to which your company’s profitability and productivity can be jeopardized significantly. Performance Testing (PT) deals with system stress, end-user performance and testing of application load with a view to targeting and solving functional defects in the initial stage of your product development lifecycle.

Website Performance Tuning

Find Site Problems Before You Lose Traffic, Ranking or Revenue

Things like broken links, multiple redirects and missing sitemaps can adversely affect the usability of a website and negatively affect a visitor’s experience. SmarterStats’ site tuning protects you against more than 20 common issues to help you maintain your online presence.

View all possible issues & their resolutions

Every time you perform a site tuning scan, SmarterStats crawls your site to create a list of potential on-page threats to your site’s success. You can see the exact page URL and the reason the page was flagged, plus you’ll get some basic guidelines for correcting the errors and getting your website back on track.

Tackle the most serious problems first

Since some issues are more concerning than others, SmarterStats groups items by whether it has a high, medium or low impact on site usability. Alternatively, users can sort issues by their type, allowing them to focus on items like broken links or blank webpages.

Improve how your site looks in search engine results

Items like meta titles and descriptions may not display when a visitor loads the page, but they are a key factor in determining the relevancy of a particular search result. Site tuning ensures each page has unique meta tags and gives tips on how to improve titles and descriptions so search engine users are more likely to click on your site.

Satisfy the need for speed

Both visitors and search engine spiders prefer to surf sites that load pages quickly. With site tuning, you can eliminate the most common causes of slow page loads, including excessive page scripts, expired caches and unnecessary code.

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