Software Development Methodology

A Software Development Methodology is an outline or frame work to plan and control the process of developing a software application. The Methodology for every project is designed to suite the specific needs of each project.  Properly selected and organized development process will save a significant amount of time and material resources. The optimal choice of a software development methodology depends on the goals and needs of the client, project size and available resources.

Reusing software components which come under Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) is  another software methodology adapted along with Agile development by us. Reusable components can be requirements specifications, flow charts, use cases, source code, user interfaces, user documentation, test cases or any other items associated with software .This will bring about significant cost savings and efficiency gains which is one of the most important aspects of customized softwares.

Software  Development  Methodology Phases


This is our very first step in the process of application development.We conducts the Discover Phase of a project using a team of business analysts, lead architects, UI engineer and a Project Manager. The goal is to understand the business vision for your product, document and understand functional requirements, build the User Interface (UI) and prepare a project plan for the subsequent phases.We also take time to ensure  we’re the best fit for you and that our specialists align with your needs.

Frequently this phase is conducted onsite or by a hybrid onsite – offshore team.

The deliverables are:

  • UI design and wireframes
  • Requirements specifications
  • High level data model
  • Risk management plan
  • Project Plan and estimation for next phases

In most cases the Discovery phase is done on a fixed cost basis. The team prepares the functional specifications, works the design process through, and prepares work plans, cost estimates and schedules for the various deliverables.



This Design phase is followed by the Design architecture, Our Product Management team and other functions within our organization to develop the detailed UI, architecture, database design, test strategy and use cases for your product. Design activities are conducted typically using a hybrid onsite- offshore model. The deliverables include some or all of the following:

  • Detailed design specification (may include use cases, object diagrams and underlying design elements)
  • database design to satisfy all business logic needs of the system
  • Interaction between the design team and the client
  • Detailed data design
  • System test Plan


Once all the designs have been finalized it is time to get the programming started. At this stage all features and functionality would have been clarified. Our developers use this specification to build the application. , your feedback is valuable to us. Coding is done as per best practices and guidelines which can be shared with clients. Our team also prepares product prototype for proof of concept, which allows the customer to review the future system and to give their feedback at an early stage of the development.During this and every phase, The project manager takes care through his daily,weekly and monthly meetings that all project goals are reached and the development is in good progress to complete on time.The deliverables are:

  • Coding Standard & Best Practices
  • Code Review
  • Unit Testing
  • Centralized Code Revision Control

Testing & QA

We offers deployment services for installing the product at your test environment for acceptance testing.The team focuses on resolving and prioritizing bugs and preparing the solution for release.While development, developers themselves test each part of the application separately and ensure that each unique path of the project performs accurately to the documented specifications.

Testers develop the test plan, test cases, scripts, the system and verify that it all operates according to the specified requirements.


After testing, the team launches the application. Services also include assistance in product launch at beta sites and the production environment. Upon approval that the system on the Demo server is satisfying client requirements,we will upload the system to the live server.Most of these services are provided remotely but onsite assistance can also be offered wherever needed.Cousins delivers to its customers not just a Product but a Solution.


Once complete,we fully mange the introduction of your product, Moreover, as part of maintenance and support services the company can improve product usability .

Services include:

  • Product release engineering
  • Prioritization of enhancements to yield ROI and customer satisfaction
  • A flexible on demand resource team to handle ongoing maintenance and new releases
  • Maintenance instructions
Cousins Infotech with the highly competent technical expertise, is well experienced to draft a development methodology with cost and time plans.

If you are not sure which methodology should be implemented, our skilled business analysts will help you to make a choice that suits best your business needs, so that you can receive the maximum possible value from the resources available.

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