From 1970 untill today Relational DataBase have rulled the landscape . Due to the hetrogenous data coming from various source it is really hard to handle and store and extract the information from data if it is stored in relational DataBase.In 2009 the NOSQL movement gained and people started searching for the alternatives of Relational DataBase and then NOSQL came into the picture.
Various NOSQL Option

  • Document Store – MongoDB
  • Column DataBase - Cassandra
  • Graph DataBase -Neo4J
  • Key-Value pair-Redis

What is OrientDB  and Why OrientDB

Orient DB is Multimodel DataBase that have feature of both Graph database and Document database.It has speed and flexibility of Document database and advanced relationship pf Graph database.problem with Relational DB is that Relational DataBase stores  data in table format they establish the relationship using ids and foriegn keys and the relationship between tables can be acomplished with the help of join .Join is expensive in terms of computational espect.Graph database defines series of vertices also called nodes and edges which are relationship between the nodes

 Fetures of Orient Db

  • Schema less,Schema Full,Schema mixed DataModel
  • Inheritence and Polymorphism in DataModel
  • Extended Sql Syntax
  • Multi-Master replication
  • horizontal scalability
  • Rest and Web services support

DataModel Concept

  • Document and Vertex

In Relational DataBase primary storage container is Table. but as Orient Db is multimodel (graph + document)Db it has its own abstraction for storing data.Document and Vertex are primary storeage contair of data in orient DB .Each Vertex and Document are also refered to as a record ,In Graph mode it is called Vertex and in document mode it is called Document

  • Edge and Links

In Relational DataBase for Relationship Foreign key concept are used but in OrientDB Edge and Links are
used.Links are direct pointer to another Document where Edge is direct relationship between two Vertices

  • Properites

Doccument and Vertices and Edges all can have properties,you can add properties in schema less way keeping your data totaly flexible .Each properties have an unique name and Data Type .Properties can also have index for speed retrival and optionally have various requirement and restriction.

  • Various DataType
    • boolean
    • integear,Short,Long,Float,Double
    • Binary
    • datetime
    • String
    • Embedded,Embedded list embedded map,embedded set
    • link ,link list,link set,link map
    • transient
    • date
    • custom
    • decimal
    • linkbag

Cluster Computing

In Orient DB Clusters provide tremondus capability and flexibility determinig how your data is stored and you can assign one or multiple cluster per class.cluster is useful for storage,scaling and arciving purpose .

Advantages of Cluster

  • cluster is useful for storage,scaling and arciving purpose
  • The first benefit cluster give us for deployment is the ability for shard your data and scale storage capacity in horizonatal fashion
  • you can devide or distribute your data in several cluster
  • Orient db works easy work for distributed queries by automatically performing map-reduce  operations when executing queries across several server
  • multimaster replication
  • if node fails orient db cluster will automatically and seamlessly adjusted untill node come back online this is the power of clusters




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