Integration with Magento enables store owners to sync Inventory and other Product details such as product descriptions and photos between a Retail RunIt POS and their Ecommerce Store. Magento is a robust ecommerce solution that is highly Customizable, offering much more Functionality and Flexibility.

Magento ecommerce enables the downloading of Orders Directly into your POS. This Integrated system allows Store Owners to Eliminate the manual labor of uploading Individual products, photos and orders.

RunIt POS and Magento Custom Integration

To Understand the Benefit of the tight Integration between RunIt POS and Magento eCommerce sites, it is Important to Understand the functionality between the systems that actually makes it “simple”. Basically, the systems talk to each other allowing your website to populate with items and Information, connecting the Point Of Sale and Inventory Management Process between Retail and eCommerce Operations.

RunIt POS uploads information to your website when items are classified as “web items”. The following item information is sent to your eCommerce site:

  • SKUs
  • Quantities
  • Images
  • Names
  • Visibility
  • Additional POS Fields
  • Descriptions
  • Attribute Sets
  • Weights
  • Categories
  • Prices
  • Simple & Configurable Product
After this Process is completed, the items will be present on your site, and all Information necessary to sell will either be viewable to Shoppers or Available behind the scenes.

How does Magento – RunIt POS integration Works?

Magento Custom Integration
  • Push Product Titles, Long Descriptions, Prices, Images, Tax, SKU & Quantity from  Point Of Sale to your Magento Community Edition Online Store(s).
  • Synchronize Product Quantities, Descriptions, Prices, Titles, Tax & Images between Magento and POS.
  • Automatically Posts sales from your Magento CE store to your  POS.
  • Automatically Posts Customer Information from Magento to Creates / Updates your Customer with a YTD Balance.

What data is Synchronized?

  • New Products
    Each time a new Item is added to your POS system, it will Automatically be Passed up to Magento. Product Details such as the Product name, Description, Images, etc. can be edited in Magento, allowing you to Merchandise the Products how you see Fit.
  • Product Updates
    Inventory and Pricing changes in your POS system will Automatically be sent to Magento so your Website can be updated. This is Happening Continuously to keep Stock Information as up to date as Possible.
  • Online Orders
    Magento Order and Customer Information are sent to your POS system, Giving you a Holistic view of your customers’ online and offline Buying habits. Sending these orders to your POS Triggers the updating of Inventory by Decrementing the Quantity on hand. Returns are also sent so stock levels can be Increased.
Magento Integration

Points of Magento RunIt Integration and Benefits:

  • Multi-Store: The Integration Solution that Cousins Infotech Provides allows your POS system to Integrate data with your Magento applications so that all sales, Inventory and Customer Information can be shared across your Organizational Silos.
  • Multi-Channel: Integration of POS with Magento enhances visibility of Operations on other channels like Amazon and eBay. Our Integration solution ensures that your Products on these Partner Sites are linked to the latest Pricing, Availability and Shipping Information Available to your Company.
  • Customer Management: There are Few Processes in a Retail Organization that are as Costly in terms of time and Personnel Investment as POS. With the proper Integration, your Business can Improve the Operational Efficiency at POS stations by Providing Customer Information at a single command. This Immediate Responsiveness allows your customer Representatives to more Quickly process a transaction, fulfill an order, Process a back Order and offer Lucrative purchasing options like warranties or customer rewards.
  • Product Management: The Integration solution offered by Cousins Infotech allows your tellers to access the most current product Information available Including name, Description, images, Product SKU, Prices, and Product variants. With the proper POS Integration with Magento, this Information is made available to your POS stations as soon as it is entered on your Enterprise Network.
  • Inventory Management: POS Integration with Magento is Especially important to Maintaining the most Accurate Inventory data across channels and Transaction Portals. As soon as a Purchase is made or your Supplier’s shipment arrives, all of your in-store and online portals will update their Availability, Product Variant and Pricing Information.
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