There is no secret that PHP Development is not so cool technology, as it was 15 or even 10 years ago. On the one hand, Java and .NET dominate in enterprise area, and on the other hand there are many modern MVC frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Django/Python, node.js, etc.) are used widely by startups at line of simplicity and lightness. PHP had lack of their cool features as both the programming language and the web development platform. You even may think that PHP was stuck in 2000. Let’s look at Laravel — modern MVC framework for rapid PHP Development.

Laravel is the best PHP MVC framework

Laravel is not the first MVC framework available for PHP Development (Zend, Yii, Symphony, etc.), but looks like it was created to be the best one. Inspired by another web development framework — Ruby on Rails, Laravel goes beyond simply coping the most amazing features into PHP Development world, and brings web development process of Rails and its best practices. Generally, Laravel looks like Rails for PHP.

Laravel features and best practices

There are all cool features of modern MVC framework. Standard set of Models, Views, Controllers and Routes is almost one-to-one as Rails or Django. Even filesystem structure of the project is the same. At line of persistent storage, Laravel provides out of the box Eloquent ORM and a great migration system. It works great on MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite. Besides, there are console commands, Blade templates system for presentation layer, forms, filters, authentication system. There is also great support for REST, i18n, caching, TDD/BDD. CLI tool Artisan is included with Laravel to provide many cool commands for your use while developing an application. First of all there is a set of generators for rapid components creation.

Beyond regular PHP Development

Socialite module provides authentication via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub. You can use your models in the controllers as a Dependency Injection with objects managed by IoC container. Orchestra Platform allows us even more. It’s based on the Laravel framework, but goes beyond regular development process by providing several already done components like authentication and CMS right out of the box. In this case, PHP Developer’s activity centers around business logic specific for domain. For now, you can forget about pain of WordPress or other CMS customization, that looks rather like a mess of ugly hacks, then PHP Development process. Laravel will make you to like PHP again.

Documentation and community

The Laravel framework community is already huge enough to have its own annual conference — Laracon []. New 5-th version of the framework will be released soon. Almost all plugins already support it. So, if you are looking for a PHP MVC framework or just going to start PHP Development, use Laravel.

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