jQWidgets is Faster and Easy to Use JavaScript UI Framework based on the Popular jQuery Library. JQWidgets Offers the Convenience of JavaScript and SVG without depending on the Query systems.

The jQuery widgets contain a complete Framework that enhances Web development. Widgets within the system integrate easily with one another allowing for more adaptable designs and an increase in the number of features that can be included within the Web design. While tools within the system are based on the Query Framework, they are not dependent on it can function on their own, eliminating issues within the constructs of the program.

Mobile Device Compatibility

jQWidgets is ready for a wide range of touch and mobile devices. The framework automatically detects the device type, capabilities and browser version, and adjusts the internal behavior for optimal rendering and best user experience.

High Quality Standards

Most JavaScript and jQuery widgets don’t integrate well with each other. jQWidgets provides professionally developed and feature complete widgets that seamlessly integrate with each other and deliver a consistent, high quality look & feel.

Optimized for Performance

As the world goes more and more Online, the need for High-Quality, Stable and High-Performance web-based applications. JQWidgets is built with performance in mind. Individual widgets and themes can be loaded on demand to further optimize the download time and save memory. All widgets are optimized for optimal user experience on smart phones, tablets and PCs running different operating systems and browsers.

Responsive UI widgets

With jQWidgets, you can easily develop hybrid HTML5 apps and professional mobile without worrying about cross browser compatibility, responsive experience, standards compliance, accessibility or touch-device support. jQWidgets comes with Native themes for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry. With jQWidgets, you can enable your web sites to automatically adapt to different device types, layouts and touch capabilities. To help users create accessible web applications our widgets come with Keyboard Support, Right-To-Left Languages Support, built-in WAI-ARIA Support and a High Contrast theme to help users with low vision or other visual disabilities.

Easy to Use

It isn’t freeware Framework but you want to use jQWidgets for a non-profit project that you can use it free. The jQWidgets can cooperate with knockout.js. It support the JSON and XML and easy to use from server side programming languages. It contain QUnit JavaScript Unit Testing Framework.

Unique and completely customizable architecture for JQuery widgets. Integration tutorials for Bootstrap, RequireJS, BreezeJS, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, jQuery Mobile, WordPress, Joomla and more.

JQWidgets Unique features

  • 60+ UI widgets, 30+ Charts
  • Easy CSS styling
  • Search-engine friendly
  • PhoneGap Integration
  • Java Integration
  • Easy PHP & ASP .NET integration
  • AngularJS Directives for every widget
  • Works on PC, Touch and Mobile Devices
  • Rich functionality and great performance
  • Ready to use, built-in Themes
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