Website has evolved a lot from being a simple document representation to large visual interaction portal on desktops as well as smart phones. Configuring website according to the trend is one of the smartest ways to grab people’s attention globally. In a large spectrum of web designing, BOOTSTRAP is a new open source framework established with extra ordinary features to exhibit your product / services. Bootstrap extremely differs from other technologies by providing superior grid layout, responsive design and browser compatibility with customized design.

Beyond the framework

Nowadays, Bootstrap is not just a framework. There is close integration with another popular web libraries like jQuery, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, etc. There are even commercial online services like Jetstrap and Divshot, that provide ability to sketch any page or even whole web site design based on Bootstrap without any coding at all by drag-and-drop technique of their pure visual editing tools.
Bootstrap may be used as solid component integrated into your web project as is, or built in custom way by LESS or SASS preprocessor.

As open source frame work

Bootstrap reduced the burden of high maintenance and in consistence among various interface design. It also significantly encompass not only in basic style but also with elegant user interface to create an effective design for your product / services.

Browser Compatibility

Bootstrap is compatible with latest versions of major browsers. To get started easily enhance your website with bootstrap for phenomenal browser performance.

Customized Frame work

Bootstrap is a simple open source framework to create a massive website for your business / services. Bootstrap is customized with various advanced features like buttons, drop down menu, navigation lists, horizontal and vertical tabs, pagination etc. It allows you to streamline the frame work that satisfies all your needs.

Responsive Framework

Bootstrap is a responsive framework developed with grid system, responsive design and various width layouts for data flexibility. Perhaps it is adaptable for all the devices like smart phones, desktop, tablet, portrait and landscape with low and high resolution.

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