Advantages of Codeigniter framework: Codeigniter is an open source platform based on PHP. The best advantage of codeigniter is its module based architecture. If you are looking to develop a robust, scalable and large web application then CodeIgniter is a good option for you.

CodeIgniter framework is basically based on the Model-View-Controller or MVC architecture. The Model-View-Controller connects the front-end and back-end. MVC evidently helps in separating the views from the back-end of the application that are getting developed. And, this separation between the front-end and the back-end of a web application makes the code more readable, kink-free and easy to understand. This facilitates the developer, who uses the CodeIgniter framework, to control the operations of front-end and the back-end.

Undoubtedly, CodeIgniter helps in developing robust, flexible, secure and search engine friendly web applications. And, the applications and websites that are developed by using this toolkit are considered to be highly secure, reliable. By using the popular templating engines such as Twig and Smarty, it allows to include additional features and functionalities in the web application. Moreover, CodeIgniter is equipped with various feature-packed resources and in-built libraries which encompass so many codes already written. As CodeIgniter comes with the variety of quality web development solutions, hence, it is helpful for both the users as well as for the developers.

CodeIgniter provides huge opportunities and great flexibility allowing developers create classes for email, zip coding, file uploading, FTP, XML-RPC, etc. And, this allows hassle-free naming of the database tables or the models after the tables. With all these outstanding features, CodeIgniter today has become prime choice for CodeIgniter Web Development Companies.

Security features:

Remote code execution: the PHP file is not accessible directly by manipulating or running a script, which would compromise the system.

SQL injection: This type of attack is highly common on the web. A SQL injection occurs when an attacker exploits the front-end and the post data to retrieve secure data from the database. According to CodeIgniter manual, it becomes evident that your web application is automatically safe from SQL injection as the POST data is retrieved in the controller.

XSS Attacks: An XSS or Cross Site scripting attack is unarguably the common reason for the demise of web applications. CodeIgniter has a built in XSS filter which is initialized automatically. In order to double check the security threats against XSS attacks, a Firefox add-on called XXS Me can be used to test the sample application against 96 different types of attacks.

Other features: Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few minor security features that web application developers can apply. For example, make sure your web application does not allow any two different user groups to access each other’s accounts on the same session.


  • Codeigniter PHP Development is a most easy way to utilize a modular programs.
  • PHP framework is an easy debug that allows you easily to get out the errors in your development. Codeigniter Development can extend your PHP coding to get the specific functions through frameworks.
  • Codeigniter is fast, reliable, lightweight and more capable.
  • Codeigniter PHP Development is compatible with most web servers, numerous operating systems and platforms.
  • Codeigniter has an outstanding performance as well as presentation.
  • In web Development, many features are almost the same so that you can describe the same code in different way.
  • For many relational database management systems, PHP can be used.
  • In worldwide, PHP developers are located and without any difficulty with Codeigniter PHP development you can find enormous amount of support through forums and blogs.
    Codeigniter has an outstanding performance as well as presentation.
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